The K Series Pneumatic Ball Vibrators are composed of a rustproof extruded aluminum body fitted with hardened steel races on which a steel ball rotates. Nylon end plates are located on either side to contain the ball and prevent the entry of dust and water, thus allowing the unit to be used in dusty or wet environments. Inlet and exhaust ports have standard pipe threads, allowing the exhaust air to be piped away if necessary. The K Series Models can be installed in areas with temperatures up to 212oF. Two pairs of mounting holes are provided for either vertical or horizontal mounting. K Series ball vibrators are small in overall size. Frequency and force can easily be regulated by adjusting the supply air pressure between 20 and 80 p.s.i. This ease of adjustment makes them extremely versatile when used for:

-Aiding material flow from bins and hoppers

-Preventing bottles and other small objects from clogging conveyor systems

-Compacting material in containers or molds -

-Particle sizing on vibrating screens

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Air Vibrator K16

  • Brand: IFC
  • Product Code: K16
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  • RM168.90